CX Measurement


SmartCX scores are aligned to leading industry ratings (FORRESTER) for measuring customer experience (CX).

0-1 Problematic – Not meeting needs
1-2 Poor – Often not meeting needs
2-3 Fair – Inconsistently meeting needs
3-4 Good – Meeting needs and easy
4-5 Great – Easy and enjoyable


Existing methodologies for measuring customer experience(CX) like NPS and CSAT scores are not comprehensive and measure customer experience after the fact. With additional interaction channels available to your customer the customer experience(CX) needs to be consistent and superior across all channels.

Customer centricity mandates continuous measurement and monitoring of trends in customer experience(CX) in real time across all interaction channels.Adroit Vista’s SmartCX uses Big Data technologies, Artificial intelligence and deep learning to analyze the millions of customer interactions across every interaction channel in real time