Adroit Vista

Adroit Vista is pushing the boundaries of Machine Intelligence by uniquely applying Big Data, Machine Learning and Measurement to address complex business problems and enable business transformation.


Our proprietary application of Machine Learning across Big Data delivers predictive, prescriptive and proactive intelligence that is continuously learning. We are focused on empowering organizations with advanced intelligence to positively impact business outcomes by facilitating smarter, more forward-looking thinking and decisions.


SmartCX is the first application of our advanced intelligence. SmartCX addresses the real challenge companies are facing in measuring, managing and improving multi-channel customer experience. SmartCX offers a distinctly more objective, predictive and prescriptive way to measure and manage customer experience than is available in the marketplace today through surveys, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) measures, and descriptive analytics.


Adroit Vista is a Canadian advanced analytics company with affiliated offices in the United States, United Kingdom and India and is breaking new ground in the area of advanced intelligence through machine learning.